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We provide industry-leading, mission critical products and solutions to customers around the world, serving markets like biopharma, cell therapy, medical, electronics and semiconductor, industrial, consumer, and others. Across all industries, we work directly with our customers to co-design, engineer, prototype and manufacture custom products that improve the lives and well-being of end-users.

We’re an industry-leading provider of material science-based solutions in the biopharmaceutical market for single-use fluid management.

We are proud to take part in providing solutions for a multitude of cell therapy applications while collaborating with customers and industry partners to develop custom disposables, often for integration into automated systems.

We provide custom components and engineered systems for the medical device industry, including critical parts where precision enables superior performance.

We design and manufacture a complete line of ultra-high purity, fluoropolymer-based fluid handling components and solutions for the electronics and semiconductor markets.

We design and manufacture thermoplastic and elastomeric fluid transfer products, as well as high-performance silicone sealing products, for a myriad specialized industrial applications.

We design and manufacture custom, high-performance silicone seals that are age, ozone, temperature, weather and UV resistant.

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We are a global leader in the manufacturing of high-performance, innovative polymer solutions and components across a wide range of industries and applications.

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