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Electronics and Semiconductor Industry Solutions

Saint-Gobain Electronics designs and manufactures a complete line of high-purity, fluoropolymer-based fluid handling components and solutions for the electronics and semiconductor markets. With a strong engineering focus on Research and Development, we pioneer application-specific material solutions and novel processing techniques for a wide variety of high-purity systems.

Products for Electronic and Semiconductor Fluid Handling Components:

Valves, pumps, fittings and fluid handling accessories

Manifolds, valves, fittings, tubing & components

Extensive experience in Fluoropolymers for contract manufacturing

Furon Products’ Premium Sealing Technology

Our patent-protected tongue and groove technology is an O-ring-free sealing solution engineered to eliminate elastomeric contamination and chemical compatibility issues. With its robust construction, this technology reduces tongue distortion and delivers premium sealing efficiency under higher pressures. 

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